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Sender ID

Have you ever received SMS, but the sender is not displayed as phone number, but it is a name instead ?
That what is called Sender ID, so send SMS using names, not using your phone number.
Usually this kind of SMS is used by big companies, and commonly used for :

  • Promotional
  • Products offer
  • Happy holidays or birthday greeting to their customers
  • Automatic notification for any payment received

If you send SMS using your company/brand name, your credibility will increase in the eyes of your customers, because the level of trust in SMS with a name as the sender is much higher than SMS sent using a regular phone number, especially if the phone number is unknown.
We offer the SMS service using Sender ID, so you can easily send SMS to your customers, as promotional medium, increase your brand image, and also to maintain relationships with customers.


Isn't the SMS outdated ? Now it's the smartphone era, with the ease of social media, chat and more.
This kind of mindset is very common, but if you want to take a moment, there are plenty of SMS advantage over any other mediums.
First, for every single cellular phone number, can receive SMS for sure, while not all cellular phone number is connected to social media or chat.
Second, try to imagine, if you received promotional messages, happy birthday greetings or any other messages via chat or social media, how much is your how big is your enthusiasm or appreciation for the brand ? But it will be different if those messages are sent using SMS with Sender ID. Because in general, not everyone is capable to send that kind of SMS.
Third, people in majority will open and read SMS sent with Sender ID. While SMS sent with regular phone number, social media or chat, have higher possibility to be ignored or even deleted without being read.
Those things has been proved by the fantastic amount of SMS sent by the cellular operator over the years.

Send SMS

Is it difficult ? Not at all, we provide many ways for you to send SMS easily, for single or bulk SMS.
We provide interfaces via :
  • Web
  • Application
  • Telegram
  • API (Application Programming Interface)

We provide API so our system can be directly connected to your computerized system, if you already have one, so your system able to send SMS directly to your customers using our SMS Gateway, such as order confirmation, order status, payment received, etc.
So, if you're a person who want to strengthen your brand, maintain good relationships with customers, and increase your market share, using SMS with Sender ID is a perfect solution.