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How to send SMS
Using web interface
You just have to log in to the client area, and you can directly send SMS via the Send SMS menu.
Using our application
We provide applications for Android smartphones, which you can download through the Google Play Store.
There are two types of applications, the standard version and the lite version, where through the web or the standard version application you can create the login code and access provided, to be used in the lite version, so if you want to give your employees access to send SMS, you do not need to provide your username or password, so your account security will be maintained.
Using Telegram application
If you have a Telegram account, you can search our bot with the name RegtaKom Message Center.
Through the bot, you can easily check balances, view SMS sending reports, and of course send SMS.
Using API
We provide an API in the form of a url that you can connect to your computerized system.
The use of our API is very easy, just by sending parameters, either through the GET method or POST to address https://sms.regtakom.com/send/index.php.
The parameters needed are :
- token : this is your access code for each type of package (or Sender ID) that you have. By using this token method, you don't need to use your username or password, so that your account security will be more secure.
- phone : this is the destination number for the SMS, in international format without leading '0' or plus '+' sign. You can send more than one number at once, separated by comma ',' sign. You can also use categories from your phone book.
- message : this is a message from the SMS that will be sent.
- premium : set to 1 if you send SMS Premium, ignore for SMS Regular.
Balance deduction
Every SMS that has been forwarded by our system to the operator, will still deduct your deposit balance, both sent and failed.
Maximum character length for each SMS
Every 1 (one) SMS has a maximum capacity of 160 characters (GSM7 Charset), where there are several special characters that are counted as 2 characters. If the one sent is a long SMS, then the maximum length of every 1 (one) SMS is 153 characters.
In addition, if there is the use of certain characters that cause unicode encoding to be used, the maximum SMS length is 70 characters, and for long SMS, the maximum length of each SMS is 67 characters.
For more detailed information about the length of the character of the SMS and encoding used, you can check this wiki page.
Status is DELIVERED but the SMS is not received
Delivery Receipt is obtained from the recipient's telephone. If the recipient's phone has received a signal from the operator, then by the system, SMS has been DELIVERED, even though the recipient's phone did not displaying the message.
In addition, the recipient can also ask the operator not to send a promotional SMS, in which case the SMS with Sender ID will also not be accepted..
Registration method and Sender ID requirements
You must make an account first by registering an email that you will use as the main access to your account. Emails that have been registered cannot be changed.
Then our system will send a verification email to activate your account.
You must complete your data information and your company for validation purposes in the submission of Sender ID.
After your account is active, you can purchase a Sender ID package and deposit your balance into the shopping cart. After everything is correct then proceed with issuing invoices.
After you pay the invoice, we will verify your data first, and after that our system will send a letter format for submission of Sender ID via email.
After you send the Sender ID submission letter, accompanied by other supporting legality documents, we will carry out the registration process to the operator.
We will inform you the required documents via email.
The Sender ID registration process to the operator can take around one month, as long as Sender ID is not active, if you send an SMS then your deposit balance will still be deducted even if your SMS is not sent.
Sender ID regulations
Sender ID length is 4-11 characters, can be combinations of upper case, lower case, numbers and space.
You're not allowed to use a person name, provocative or illegal words.
We will check the Sender ID that you submitted first.