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The System

GMS is a fully integrated system that can assist event hosts/organizers in the management of prospective invited guests, until the implementation of the event until completion.

Before the event

Preparation starts from sending invitations digitally via SMS media, then prospective invited guests who receive SMS from us can confirm whether to attend or not.
Why we chose SMS media ? Because SMS is a means of delivering news that the success rate of delivery to reach the recipient is very high.
Not all mobile phone numbers owned by prospective invited guests are connected to social media accounts or chat, but it can be ascertained as long as the number is still active, then we can contact prospective invited guests via SMS.
By getting confirmation earlier from the invited guests, it will greatly facilitate the hosts/organizers of the event in arranging the course of the event, and also determine how many invitation cards are needed to be printed for invited guests who have not provided confirmation.
In addition, we also provide reminder facility, which is just before the event starts, can be a few hours or days before, we will send a reminder SMS to invited guests regarding the schedule and location of the event.

Event Day

During the event, our system can be used instead of guest book, because the invited guests simply scanned the digital card, or the physical card that we included in the invitation card sent.
The card either digitally or physically is an access card for the guest during the event.
By arranging access for each guest, then the host/event organizer can determine what facilities are given to each invited guest.
We will also send a welcome notification SMS to the guests present at the event, so that invited guests will feel more appreciated, while increasing the image of the event host.

Why do you have to use GMS ?

Compared to manual systems, of course using GMS has several advantages, such as :
• Reducing the queue density of incoming guests because the verification / attendance process takes place faster
• Minimizes the possibility of uninvited guests
• Can indicate the allocated table / chair specified for each guest
• Can control donations received
• Can control the distribution of souvenirs
• Can be used for door price system, because the MC only has pieces of papers containing QR Code images only, so that the level of neutrality can be better maintained
• Event hosts/organizers can directly know who has arrived
• At the end of the event, the hosts can immediately get reports about the attendance of the guests and what facilities / activities have been used
And of all that, our main advantage is that both event hosts/organizers and invited guests do not need to bother installing any application, so it is very practical and makes it easy for users.