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We offer simple and competitive rates, so that our customers don't feel troubled or mess around with various tarif schemes. For every SMS with Sender ID, will be charged as follow :

Operator SMS RegulerSMS Premium (OTP)
TelkomselRp. 725,- Rp. 725,-
Indosat Rp. 780,- Rp. 780,-
XL Rp. 800,- Rp. 800,-
Tri Rp. 780,- Rp. 780,-
SmartfrenRp. 865,- Rp. 865,-
* Price per SMS. Prices may change at any time depending on the policy of each operator

For the registration of your Sender ID, you will be charged Rp. 350.000,- one time only, for every Sender ID that you register.
You can have several Sender ID, as long you have legality for those.
Also, you must top up your account balance, and for now we have a package cost Rp. 850.000,- with the active period for 1 year, where for every cost for SMS will be deducted from your balance.